• Craig TestimonialAfter 35 years of back pain, two lower back surgeries, sciatic nerve pain and vertigo, I needed a better alternative than a third back operation. Since beginning regular chiropractic care, I can perform most daily activities and my leg pain is gone! I have a better quality of life.–Craig J.

  • Due to the severe pain in my left heel and the discomfort in my mid back, I was forced to stop running. This was frustrating because I enjoy distance running as a hobby. I tried massage and stretching but I knew I needed to try something new. Since starting care with Dr. Kris, I have completed 3 half marathons and can take on a full client load at work as a massage therapist! In addition to being pain free, I am no longer catching seasonal colds; which have always plagued my health! My life has really changed since I started receiving adjustments! I am now more aware of what is going on with my body, helping me take better care of it. Not to mention, business is booming now that I am able to work harder and longer!–Lauren K., Blissed Out Massage

  • As a birth doula, I refer my clients to Dr. Kris for chiropractic care during AND after pregnancy. Pregnant with my second child and facing the possibility of a second breech baby, I began seeing Dr. Kris myself. Even after the first session, I felt a tremendous difference. During my regular visits, I continued feeling better and more connected with my body. With Dr. Kris’ amazing care, my baby turned and I went into labor and birth feeling balanced and strong. The birth was peaceful and empowering. My entire family is now a part of the Vitality Chiropractic family, thank you Dr. Kris!–Rindi C., Beautiful Beginnings

  • Hailie TestimonialAfter being involved in a serious car accident, I went to Dr. Kris because I was experiencing neck pain, headaches and I found it difficult to concentrate in school. I have been under care for six months; my focus is much better in school and I am no longer having headaches! Besides the occasional neck ache, I am a lot more relaxed and my mind is clear!–Hailie G. (16 years old)

  • I used to experience chronic lower back pain flaring up with most day-to-day experiences like sitting at work or laying down at night. I don’t like going to the medical doctor because I do not like taking medications, so I decided to try Chiropractic for a holistic alternative. Since visiting Vitality I can now sit, stand, drive & sleep without any back pain. My life is more comfortable and I feel like I accomplish a lot because I feel so much better.–Lauren M.

  • Judah TestimonialI have experienced lower back pain for the majority of my adult life. It got so severe that I was immobilized and couldn’t do anything; I was out of work, I couldn’t exercise or even pick up my daughter. I had gone to a chiropractor in the past but was referred to Dr. Kris through a friend. Since being under care, ALL aspects of my life have changed! I am both physically and mentally healthier, happier and I have a better outlook on life!–Judah D., Full Circle Training

  • Masako TestimonialI chose chiropractic to enhance my immune system. Not only do I now have more energy but I am able to work effectively and do more physical exercises. Chiropractic has improved ALL levels of my health; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.–Masako S., MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Kim TestimonialPrevious to meeting Dr. Kris, I could hardly use my right wrist. I was in so much pain that I thought I might need surgery. I love to cook and I had become so limited in the kitchen, barely being able to hold platters or drain a pot of water. Since I started care at Vitality Chiropractic I have learned a tremendous amount about my body & spine, I now understand how much my spine controls the rest of my body function! With this understanding I have made other life changes such as re-arranging my office to be more ergonomically correct! Dr. Kris is a wonderful educator and her positive outlook is infectious! I am back in the kitchen AND on the tennis courts!–Kim S.