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Randy testimonial

I developed a chronic shoulder injury from exercise and working out. I was unable to raise my arm over my shoulder and experienced daily general pain in my shoulder. A few results from my care at Vitality Chiropractic is I have regained full mobility in my shoulder, I no longer experience pain and I now experience overall connectedness in my body. Dr. Brew’s techniques work! She combines great knowledge of the physical body and the body/mind connection with chiropractic techniques that improve specific and overall body function.

Randy is a fantastic musician and we are excited to highlight his work and music.
Check out his solo work and his band The Social Orphans.

Randy C.
Featured Client Ryan L.

My mind, body, and spirit were in complete despair for the 3 months after I recovered from Covid-19. Since beginning my 12-week healing journey with Dr. Kris, I am now not only enjoy indulging in food and drink, but can properly fuel my body and allow it to continuously support me throughout life. I feel much more in tune, open, and overall comfortable in my body and mind. Her incorporation of NET with bodily adjustments immensely aided in healing, not only my physical body, but my mental health as well. Read the full story >

Ryan L.
[Dr. Brew] was simply amazing and explained to me her process and method of care. I can say that she completed the missing piece that I was looking for and has provided me with a balance that my soul, mind and body needed to help me on my journey. And if that wasn’t enough, she always slaps me with extra positivity and sends me on my way with a well-rested and balanced soul.

Fernando M.
Vitality Patient Aimee D.

I’m very pleased with how well my body has responded to the health care plan. I’ve noticed that I have a lot less pain in my shoulders and neck, and my spine is much more aligned. I experience a lot less pain when I’m working at a computer and can comfortably spend more time on a computer than before. Because I’m now in less pain, I find that I’m happier, more optimistic, and more motivated. I even have more energy.

Aimee D.
Bree L Testimonial
Working with Dr. Kris is an entirely different experience. I have never had the type of care she provides. There is a level of confidence I have in the care I receive from Dr. Kris that is indescribable. I believe Vitality Chiropractic is for anyone who sits at a desk, has been in an accident, or is looking to be their optimal selves. You get a well rounded full body approach to your health that is unbelievably satisfying. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you for all that you do Dr. Kris! And, Pam too!
Bree L.
Nikki G
Vitality Chiropractic has truly made it possible for me to live my best life. Dr. Kris has so many resources that can help with many situations you may be experiencing too, and I genuinely recommend Vitality Chiropractic to everyone
Nikki G.
Testimonial Mark A.
I constantly recommend Vitality Chiropractic to my friends and family because the results speak for themselves! I enjoy Dr. Brew’s low-impact adjustment methods. I love the way she explains the adjustment process and the variety of methods she uses. The cherry on top is Pam! She is wonderful, friendly and personable to all who come in.
Mark A.

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