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Paige F.

Dr. Kris and Pam are a great team, they really care and take an interest in your overall health and well-being. I look forward to my adjustments and love the team’s positive energy. Thank you, Vitality Chiropractic for everything you do!

Paige F.

I was tripping a lot and could not run very fast when I played soccer. Now I am more aware of when I toe walk, so I now walk heel/toe more often and am able to run faster and trip less often. Dr. Kris releases my “traffic jams” which makes my entire body feel good. I would recommend Dr. Kris because she can help others relieve their pain and help them feel better. I think it is wonderful that Dr. Kris helps kids and adults too.

Rachel S.
Testimonial Laura W

Finding Dr. Brew and Vitality Chiropractic changed my life. She looks beyond the symptoms and targets the root cause, getting your body in alignment so that your nervous system can calm down and your body heal. After the first shoulder adjustment I had about 85% improved mobility in my shoulder. I mean, it was so significant that I kept showing my family – like “oh my gosh, look!”

Laura W.
Jiri R

My care with Dr. Kris was the seed and catalyst for my desire to be kinder to my body. Looking back, it has been a long but incredibly positive journey for me. I can honestly say that my life would not be the same had I not wandered into your office a couple of years back. I came in looking for chiropractic care and have come out with a lot more than that.

Jiri R.
Randy testimonial

I developed a chronic shoulder injury from exercise and working out. I was unable to raise my arm over my shoulder and experienced daily general pain in my shoulder. A few results from my care at Vitality Chiropractic is I have regained full mobility in my shoulder, I no longer experience pain and I now experience overall connectedness in my body. Dr. Brew’s techniques work! She combines great knowledge of the physical body and the body/mind connection with chiropractic techniques that improve specific and overall body function.

Randy is a fantastic musician and we are excited to highlight his work and music.
Check out his solo work and his band The Social Orphans.

Randy C.
[Dr. Brew] was simply amazing and explained to me her process and method of care. I can say that she completed the missing piece that I was looking for and has provided me with a balance that my soul, mind and body needed to help me on my journey. And if that wasn’t enough, she always slaps me with extra positivity and sends me on my way with a well-rested and balanced soul.

Fernando M.

Chiropractic Treats So Much More than Back Pain!

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