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Vitality ChiropracticTestimonial Jane and Brody
Aer being adjusted regularly, this is the first me in years where I actually have energy! I wake up feeling rested and I feel a have more patience. I would say that Dr. Kris has changed our lives! My son’s behavior has changed from night to day and we can both tolerate normal life stressors better. Dr. Kris and Pam are AMAZING! We are so happy to have them helping us to be whole! Everyone should see them!
Jane + Brody
Erika S
My labor was two hours from start to finish and I’ve continued to see Dr. Kris every month since. Not only do I enjoy my adjustments tremendously, but I enjoy who Dr. Kris is as a person. She is a truly amazing soul. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Dr. Kris!
Erika S.
Dr Winter
As a working mom, it’s less common than I’d like to prioritize my own health and healing, and I’m so glad Dr. Kris helps me to do so. Dr. Kris is extremely knowledgeable, cares deeply about her patients, and has an intuitive sense about what her patients need. I always look forward to my visits with her and refer my own patients to her without reservation.
Elizabeth Winter, ND, LM, CPM, Mosaic Integrative Medicine
My blood pressure has lowered significantly! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! My left hip is completely healed! I have had subtle changes to my energy and spirit. Dr. Kris has so much passion for what she does and it is honestly a joy to see her. Thanks to Pam for making me feel comfortable when I am in the office for my adjustments.
Louisa B.
Nicole S. Testimonial
We trust Dr. Kris and I refer my acupuncture patients to her regularly. There are many health issues that will heal much quicker from the combination of both healing modalities. Dr. Kris has a gentle touch and I love her holistic approach to healing the whole body.
Nicole S.

Book a visit with Dr. Kris! Learn about the benefits that chiropractic care can bring you! There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dr. Kris is magical! She is the person you want by your side as your body heals.

Marlene M.
Alexa K Testimonial

I felt an instant connection to Dr. Kris and Pam. They are both so genuine and sincere and they care deeply about your health and well-being. I would not recommend anywhere else to my friends and family. Dr Kris and Pam are the best!

Alexa K.
Heather B Testimonial
I began receiving chiropractic care as a serious skeptic. However, after a car accident, I came in to see Dr. Kris and I was sold on the on-going benefits of care. Now, my daughter and I see her twice a month for wellness visits. I am now much more in tune with my body and feeling good. Seeing Dr. Kris always helps!
Heather B.

Dr. Kris is such a warm and healing presence who has made me feel comfortable + cared for from the first day. She is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and truly a wonderful person. She and Pam have given me so much happiness and relief.

Julia R.

Chiropractic Treats So Much More than Back Pain!

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