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I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Kris about 5 years ago. My main areas of concern were my neck, my hips and sciatica. The pain I was experiencing made my job very hard, given I’m a Pilates instructor. With the help of Dr. Kris, my body finally got back into proper alignment. My sciatica is a thing of the past and my neck feels amazing! Not only am I able to do all those activities I couldn’t do before, I was also able to increase my work hours, and I feel much stronger and healthier!

Eva W.

I am pain free! If I feel like I am coming down with a cold or other illness, I heal from it much quicker than I used to. I have not felt this good in over 10 years! It is a miracle and I am so grateful!

Jennifer R.

Last winter, when the flu infected several co-workers AND my 2 roommates, I stayed well, even during a stressful, physically-demanding holiday season at work with long hours. I attribute that to Dr. Brew’s chiropractic treatments and her prescription of routine exercise and proper nutrition.

Sean C.

Dr. Kris is brilliant at her job! It’s not only her chiropractic skills that have my entire family looking forward to our sessions, but we thoroughly enjoy the entire experience! The care and passion emanates throughout our entire visit. We all have smiles entering the office and even bigger smiles after we leave! We always look forward to our next appointment.

Kersti, Isaac + Grayson

Dr. Kris is such a warm and healing presence who has made me feel comfortable + cared for from the first day. She is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and truly a wonderful person. She and Pam have given me so much happiness and relief.

Julia R.
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