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Nikki G

Vitality Chiropractic has truly made it possible for me to live my best life. Dr. Kris has so many resources that can help with many situations you may be experiencing too, and I genuinely recommend Vitality Chiropractic to everyone

Nikki G.
Testimonial Mark A.

I constantly recommend Vitality Chiropractic to my friends and family because the results speak for themselves! I enjoy Dr. Brew’s low-impact adjustment methods. I love the way she explains the adjustment process and the variety of methods she uses. The cherry on top is Pam! She is wonderful, friendly and personable to all who come in.

Mark A.
Paula: Through Dr. Kris’s attention and expert adjustments my muscles, joints, and all parts of my body have relaxed into and smoothed into better working relationship with each other. Ross: From the first appointment I knew I had found a dedicated, intuitive, resourceful, loving, highly intelligent purveyor of the healing arts.
Paula & Ross
Angelita P

I have been a patient of Vitality Chiropractic with Dr. Kris for more than a decade and I must say, Dr. Kris is an incredible chiropractor. She can do wonders! Deciding to start chiropractic care was one of the best and healthiest decisions I have ever made. It is worth it! Thank you Dr. Kris for adjusting me every month!

Angelita P.
Angie L. Testomonial

Being a basketball official for the last 10 years at the collegiate level, I have presented Dr. Kris with many ailments that I have encountered during my basketball seasons and she has been able to adjust her treatment plan and keep me on the court. Her positivity is infectious and I always feel better after leaving her office.

Angie L.
Samantha C Testimonial
Dr. Kris is an amazing healer. She meets you where you are. She is very caring and sees the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Pam is always so cheery and friendly. I really appreciate the care that Dr. Kris has provided me over the years. I highly recommend her to anyone whether you are in pain or just looking to improve your overall well-being.
Samantha C.
Stephanie O. Testimonial

Dr. Kris has been my chiropractor for over 10 years. I’ve been extremely blessed to have her on my support team all these years.

Stephanie O.
Erika S
My labor was two hours from start to finish and I’ve continued to see Dr. Kris every month since. Not only do I enjoy my adjustments tremendously, but I enjoy who Dr. Kris is as a person. She is a truly amazing soul. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Dr. Kris!
Erika S.
Dr Winter
As a working mom, it’s less common than I’d like to prioritize my own health and healing, and I’m so glad Dr. Kris helps me to do so. Dr. Kris is extremely knowledgeable, cares deeply about her patients, and has an intuitive sense about what her patients need. I always look forward to my visits with her and refer my own patients to her without reservation.
Elizabeth Winter, ND, LM, CPM, Mosaic Integrative Medicine
Nicole S. Testimonial
We trust Dr. Kris and I refer my acupuncture patients to her regularly. There are many health issues that will heal much quicker from the combination of both healing modalities. Dr. Kris has a gentle touch and I love her holistic approach to healing the whole body.
Nicole S.
Carolyn B.

Within a short period of time, I felt more balanced–physically and mentally. My spine is aligned so my brain is communicating better with my organs. My nervous system no longer feels like internal chaos, but is much calmer. I am able to stand completely grounded and balanced on both feet for the first time in decades. The physical effects from the fall are gone and it turns out one leg is not shorter than the other! With positive results, my self-talk improved too.

Carolyn B.

Chiropractic Treats So Much More than Back Pain!

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