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Holistic Chiropractic Care for Your Whole Family

I really hit the jackpot when I was referred by a coworker to Vitality Chiropractic. Not only have Dr. Kris and Pam become like family, but Dr. Kris has improved my overall well-being. I was in a stressful job until recently, and going to my appointments were almost like mini therapy sessions for my mind and body. I cannot say enough good things about this team. Thank you!!

Naomi F.
Valerie B. Testimonial

Since being under regular care with Dr. Kris, I am back to playing basketball and pickleball several times per week. I now am pain-free and have a full range of motion in my arm and shoulder. I am so incredibly appreciative of all that Dr. Kris and Pam have done to make me whole again.

Valerie B.
Anna F

With Dr. Kris’s techniques and experience, I was able to maintain my training and compete in four half marathons. I cannot thank her enough for keeping me healthy and for giving me the confidence I needed in my body to race without fear or pain!

Anna F.
Anna F

With Dr. Kris’s techniques and experience, I was able to maintain my training and compete in four half marathons. I cannot thank her enough for keeping me healthy and for giving me the confidence I needed in my body to race without fear or pain!

Anna F.
Samantha G.

Dr. Kris is a true healer. She is incredibly intuitive and can recognize stress and pain points that I am sometimes not even aware of. Her gentle technique and thoughtful approach always puts me at ease. Not only has my chiropractic care addressed my physical ailments, it has also helped me achieve greater self-awareness.

Samantha G.

Dr. Kris is an amazing chiropractor and I feel truly blessed to be in her care. She is a conscientious listener and provides the utmost care and concern on every one of my visits. Dr. Kris adapts her adjustments to the concerns I share and incorporates her array of tools and techniques to restore my body. I walk out her office with a renewed sense of wellness.

Kim + Alex

We love Dr. Kris! Initially I started coming in with severe neck pain after a car accident. Almost immediately, I started to notice a huge difference, I started to feel better. Albert was also struggling with knee pain, so he came in and noticed the difference as well. We decided that this was self-care and maintenance ourselves and we have been coming ever since. We even got my mom in for regular adjustments and she also noticed the difference. When I became pregnant, it only made sense for Dr. Kris to adjust me during my pregnancy. I cannot imagine going through pregnancy without Dr. Kris’ gentle approach and care. Her care of my son, Luca, has been amazing. Luca loves Dr. Kris and Ms. Pam! I completely trust Dr. Kris with the adjustments of our family. Thank you, Dr. Kris and Pam, for taking such amazing care of our family.


When I first started going to Vitality Chiropractic back in 2016, I was in bad shape from crippling pain due to a sciatica flare-up that I had been dealing with for almost 5 months. The pain was in my lower back and ran down the side of my right leg and into the bottom of my foot, which in turn made it difficult to do any of my daily activities without being on some type of pain medication. Since receiving chiropractic love from an amazing human Dr. Kris Brew, I have always felt welcomed, and loved and that my health/well-being really mattered to her and not like I was just another number. I have stayed consistent with my Thursday visits throughout the years and am blessed to say that I have been without any major flare-ups and have been able to enjoy my active lifestyle in all thanks to Dr. Kris and her side kick Mrs. Pam. 

John A.

We love Dr. Kris! Initially visiting to try and solve for pain in my hip and knee, it was clear from early days that Dr. Kris’ adjustments were doing wonders for my whole body. Frequent migraines quickly became a thing of the past and my overall connection and awareness of my body was much improved over just a few months. I can’t imagine going through pregnancy without Dr. Kris’ gentle approach and care. Her care of my daughter Cassidy from early days was amazing and Cass loves her visits with Dr. Kris and Ms. Pam! I love watching her learn and understand her body more and more at each visit, and she’s always eager to get out her play adjuster (“Clicky”) and “doctor Mommy so she feels better” between adjustments. Thank you, Dr. Kris and Pam, for taking such amazing care of our family!

Heather and Cassidy

The main reason I started chiropractic care was because I’ve had lifelong pain in my knees and no real solution. I couldn’t do certain sports, exercise, go to amusement parks, dance, or even walk up stairs without having knee pain and being afraid my knees would give out again. Chiropractic care was really my last resource and I’d been putting it off because I was afraid of all the videos I’d seen online. But since starting treatment, I’ve not only gained near constant comfortability in my knees, but I’ve also improved my overall communication between my mind and body, and adjusted to a healthy, well-regulated nervous system. In the many times I’ve recommended people to Vitality, I tell them it is factual, effective, and trustworthy treatment they’ll be receiving, along with an amazing experience visit after visit. My mom and so many family members and friends of mine come to Vitality Chiropractic because Dr. Kris creates such a safe, welcoming, and healing environment. I always look forward to my appointments and am so grateful for the physical and emotional improvements. Thank you, Dr. Kris!

Korrine B.

I knew in my first meeting with Dr. Brew that I had found someone I wanted to treat me. Among her many qualities, I was especially impressed with how well she listened as I described my condition. She developed a plan we would pursue together and modified the plan as I progressed. And I did get better… walking several miles at a time, attending Pilate’s classes again and, yes, dancing to my Spotify music.

My admiration for Dr. Brew extends beyond the usual chiropractic care. Besides being a good listener (sometimes shrink), she greets you with the warmth and smile of a dear friend. She is great at suggesting different ideas she has tried that have helped her i.e., orthotics (I wear them every day and notice a difference when I don’t) and podcasts on health and nutrition.

Judy H.
Featured Patients: The Bisharat Family

Having lower back issues and having to carry 5 babies was not fun! The more kids I had, the more my lower
back/hip issues increased. Because of my care at Vitality, I have a Healthy and happier attitude; I’m pain free;
and I have healthier habits — both mentally and physically. I would say Dr. Kris is hands-down, one of the most
positive energies I have been around. She really makes you feel happy & lighter when leaving her office. Of
course, the happy receptionist too! Pam is great! I love Dr. Kris so much that my kids now go to her as well and
we are all happy with her care physically and mentally as well! Thank you for all you do for us!

The Bisharat Family
Dr. Sophia Grandstaff

My first visit showed severe findings in the Autonomic and Motor Nervous System scans, right short leg, hyperlordosis, SI, T/L, and C/T fixations, my upper cervicals were painful and not moving, and much much more. I was SUBLUXATED, I was a mess. Long story short, after 3 months of regular care with Dr. Brew I was officially categorized as a patient of wellness and was asymptomatic. My body responded so well that in only three months I was holding most of my adjustments and I was back to optimal function. Many years have passed, and I have not forgotten my first adjustment. I left that office seeing colors brighter, hearing more clearly, my reaction time was faster, my brain fog was gone, my pain was subsided, and I felt euphoric. Read more

Sophia Grandstaff, D.C.
Tammy S.

Being a sports enthusiast and ignoring my body’s aches and pains, I really need the extra care and attention that Dr. Kris and Pam give. For years I have had lower back pain, and at times when the pain was so great, I could barely walk. With regular visits and the Foot Levelers Orthotics, I haven’t had severe back pain since. I am a basketball and golf enthusiast and thanks to Dr. Kris I can keep up with the youngsters.

Tammy S.

I was referred to Dr. Kris for my injured “mommy” wrist after having twin boys. Little did I know that seeing her for my wrist would turn into chiropractic care for my whole family. I even convinced my husband to start seeing her for his aches and pains. Both boys see Dr. Kris every six months for their wellness adjustments. We honestly can’t say enough great things about her and how she’s helped improve all our lives.

The Moore Family
Paula L.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Kris for close to ten years now. My back, legs and neck have NEVER felt as good as they do under her care and I have been to many chiropractors who hurt me more than helped me. Simply stated, she treats each patient with the same level of compassion and uses her many talents of her practice, making each patient feel their best. I could go on and on, but I wanted to leave some positive information regarding the Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics that I had made a few months ago. These have literally changed my life and have given me a better quality of life because my feet, legs, knees, and ankles, are not aching and painful all the time. I had horrible pain in my left knee, my Foot Levelers have made a wonderful difference as my knee simply doesn’t hurt any longer!! I have Post Polio Syndrome but will never give up the fight to feel better. My Foot Levelers Orthotics have made a huge difference in the way I feel! Thank you, Dr. Kris and Pam!”
Paula L.
John S. Testimonial

I had difficulty walking and could not participate in everyday activities because of chronic lower back pain. Since seeking chiropractic care, my back has healed, and in the rare instance of a flare up, Dr. Kris is able to adjust me so that I recover very quickly. She has not only helped me physically, but she and Pam provide a peaceful and restful space that promotes healing. Additionally, the shoe inserts (Foot Levelers) I purchased have been helpful when walking and working out.

John S.
Paige F.

Dr. Kris and Pam are a great team, they really care and take an interest in your overall health and well-being. I look forward to my adjustments and love the team’s positive energy. Thank you, Vitality Chiropractic for everything you do!

Paige F.

Chiropractic Treats So Much More than Back Pain!

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