Building Healthy Families

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Pregnant Women

  • Pregnant mothers experience an optimum pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery.
  • We create a safe haven and supportive environment where expecting mothers are listened to and understood.
  • Dr. Brew has specialized training and experience assisting pregnant women during their unique health journey.
  • We believe all pregnant women should have access to chiropractic care and resources for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.


  • Children experience optimum growth development with a decrease in colds and flus, increase in learning ability and improved attitude.
  • We restore and maintain vitality, energy and your child’s quality of life through our specialized pediatric care plans.
  • Dr. Brew has 21 years combined experience as a healer and teacher.
  • We believe health and habits start at a young age so we provide the education and care for children to lead healthy lifestyles.
  • We assess each child individually to provide world-class care to assist them in living the highest quality of life.


  • We Improve overall family quality of life by reducing stressors, improve family relations and reduce health costs.
  • We look at the larger picture to assist your entire family with a new value system that allows them to thrive and perform at their best.
  • Dr. Brew is a lifestyle doctor with 21 years combined experience as a healer and teacher.
  • We provide family health care plans in order for your entire family to perform and function at their optimum.
  • We are skilled in a multitude of techniques to create personalized care plans specifically based on the needs of your entire family.
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