This month, I am highlighting the book The Menopause Brain by Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D. This book unravels some of the mysteries surrounding perimenopause and menopause by revealing how menopause impacts not just the ovaries but also, in large part, how these hormonal changes affect the brain.

The decline of the hormone estrogen during menopause influences everything from body temperature to mood to memory, potentially paving the way for cognitive decline later in life. To conquer these challenges successfully, Dr. Mosconi brings us the latest approaches—explaining the role of cutting-edge hormone replacement therapies like “designer estrogens,” hormonal contraception, and key lifestyle changes encompassing diet, exercise, self-care, and self-talk.

Best of all, Dr. Mosconi dispels the myth that menopause signifies an end, demonstrating that it is a transition. Contrary to popular belief, if we know how to take care of ourselves during menopause, we can emerge with a renewed, enhanced brain, ushering in a meaningful and vibrant new chapter of life. This read is a MUST for any woman!

For more information about the author and the book, visit the author’s website.

Check out Dr. Mosconi’s TED Talks on How Menopause Affects the Brain.

Looking for a Menopause practitioner?

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