This month I am highlighting the book “The Galveston Diet” by Mary Claire Haver, M.D. This book has helped me reframe and rethink the foods I am eating and when I am eating them. This book has nothing to do with “dieting” and everything to do with taming hormonal symptoms, improving energy, decreasing brain fog and sleeping better.
After suffering herself for many years with hormonal symptoms, Dr. Haver developed this unique book and plan for permanent weight loss and reduced menopausal symptoms by following her three interconnected strategies:

  1. Fuel Refocus: Starting in their thirties, women need a specific ratio of healthy fats, lean protein, and quality carbohydrates to efficiently burn fat as fuel.
  2. Intermittent Fasting: 16 hours of fasting with a flexible 8-hour eating window coaxes the body to draw energy from stored fat and decreases inflammation.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition: Limit added sugars, processed carbs, chemical additives, and preservatives and layer in anti-inflammatory foods like leafy greens, olive oil, berries, nuts and tomatoes.

The book also features forty recipes, six weeks of easy-to-follow meal plans, shopping lists, and success stories of women who have changed their lives on this plan.

Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a wife, mom, physician, and entrepreneur who has devoted her adult life to women’s health. As a Board Certified OBGYN, she has delivered thousands of babies, exams and consultations. Over the years, as her patient population aged, Dr. Haver was overwhelmed with the number of complaints and concerns her patients had about weight gain while going through menopause. For years, she told her patients to eat less and exercise more. When Dr. Haver started to experience perimenopausal symptoms, and the “eat less, workout more” advice wasn’t working, she decided to find a solution that worked.

She developed The Galveston Diet based on thousands of hours of research to target specific problems women run into in middle age. Once she started to see how effective the diet was at tackling menopause weight gain, she wondered what else she could help women with during this stage in life. Thus, The ‘Pause Life was born – a platform to help demystify menopause.

For more information about Dr. Haver and her book, visit her website