A “Thank You” from Dr. Kris

I write this Thank You to the Vitality Family with a very full heart. We have had a healing and transformational 2014. together, we helped the children of our community stay more active and healthy with our basketball, soccer ball, and backpack drives. Additionally, we helped feed hundreds of people last month with our Annual Food Drive. I am deeply touched by the caring and generosity you all show throughout the year. It is my honor to call you family!

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Dr. Kris

A “Thank You” from Dr. Ashley

Ever since I decided to be a chiropractor, I dreamed of having my own practice. When Dr. Kris gave me the opportunity to join with the Vitality team, I knew that it would be a great opportunity. I did not however, realize exactly how great! Getting the chance to build my personal practice while also getting to interact and work with all of the Vitality patients has been invaluable. I would like to personally thank not only my patients who have helped me grow, but also all of Dr. Kris’ patients who give constant support, and welcomed me with open arms. It has been a healing and rewarding year, and I cannot wait to continue to help people lead a healthier and vibrant 2015!

With Love,
Dr. Ashley