I would like to introduce you to a colleague and former schoolmate, Dr. Steve Bennett. I met with Dr. Bennett a few months ago to do some catching up and reminiscing about our days together at chiropractic school. During our conversation, we discussed his new nutraceutical line of products and how he developed this specialized line with great care and passion. I began taking a few of the supplements to boost my own health and I am experiencing great results. In particular, I have been taking a formula called Viral Resist to assist my own innate immune function during the pandemic. So, I decided to share his information with you in the event you may want to explore his line of products or to consult him for functional care and lab work.

Here’s a little background on Dr. Bennett….

Dr. Bennett is a Functional Medicine Specialist and Chiropractor practicing in Encinitas. He works with patients of all ages in an effort to discover and treat the root causes of their health concerns. With his education in Engineering, Biochemistry, Physiology and Chiropractic, Dr. Bennett brings a unique blend of evidenced-based wholistic insight to his work with patients.

In addition to his practice with patients, Dr Bennett is CEO and founder of the specialty nutraceutical company Intuitive Nutrients. He began this company in an effort to bring unique nutritional supplements to his patients at a reasonable price.