For the past 18 months I have been working weekly with Eva Wennes of Pain-Free for Life Pilates.  I met Eva about 13 years ago and after learning about her expertise and experiencing her work, I have been referring our Vitality family to her for care ever since. Roughly a year and a half ago I began experiencing shifts in my body and my regular workout routines were no longer providing what my system needed. I turned to Eva for help and guidance and with our regular work together my issues have improved and some have resolved. I am now stronger, have better balance and stamina, and much improved mobility and flexibility in my body.  More importantly, I have been able to work more effectively and with fewer injuries to my body. Given the excellent results I am experiencing, I thought it would be prudent to share Eva’s information with you.

Eva has been very gracious and is sharing recorded videos with us in order to introduce you to her work and to help us all with our health.

Watch the videos on Eva’s YouTube channel

Here is a sample of Eva’s most important stretches you can do every day:

More About Eva:

Eva Wennes, owner of Pain-Free for Life Pilates is a Therapeutic Pilates Instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Eva holds an advanced level certification in the Biomechanics Method and is a graduate of the Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science program. She works with people who suffer from chronic pain and/or chronic illness.

Whether you’ve tried Pilates before or you’re completely new to the routine, be prepared for experiencing something completely unique! Eva has a one-of-a-kind approach combining the benefits of contemporary Pilates, The Biomechanics Method and Applied Functional Science.

Eva is a revolutionary in her field, bringing you the best in orthopedic Pilates training and corrective exercise in order to eliminate chronic pain and injuries. For more information about Eva and Pain-Free for Life Pilates please visit or call 619-400-9252.

Eva Wennes