We have known for many years that our negative thoughts can create chemical reactions in our brain, and those stress chemicals can ultimately negatively impact your immune system function.

Research studies demonstrate that the way you experience pain depends on your personal situation and what you feel about the situation. Your life stressors can create pain that derives in your brain and ultimately has the possibility to impair your body’s immune system response.

Did you know your spinal function impacts your brain function? Therefore, it makes sense that chiropractic can have an impact on stress and immunity! Based on current research literature, we know a single chiropractic adjustment can improve overall brain function by 20%. Chiropractic care is known to alter function in a part of your brain called the Prefrontal Cortex which plays a big role in your brain’s pain matrix.

In this video, we look at research undertaken demonstrating how Stress, Pain, and the Immune System are all highly interlinked: