Becoming a Client: What to expect at Vitality Chiropractic


To provide a real solution for your total health, we not only evaluate your body, but look at all the aspects of your life. We use both proven techniques along with an intuitive approach to uncovering what needs healing in your body.


  • We understand the importance of listening to your body and mind’s needs and goals.
  • Feel heard – finding the source instead of focusing on the symptom
  • Take pictures of your nervous system to see how your body is communicating
  • Body testing, physical examination, unique, innovative


  • First, we help you set an intention on what you want to achieve. Then we’ll show you what’s happening with your body so you can have a greater understanding of how we are going to guide you in your healing process.


  • Based on the results of your evaluation, we will choose the most beneficial forms of chiropractic treatments to adjust your body back into alignment to allow for optimal body communication. (link to adjustments)


  • To continue to move you forward with your health, we take time to discuss your life, goals, and how your body is communicating.


  • You will find a renewed sense of self through healthy lifestyle, practices, mindset, and spirit.