We love seeing Dr. Kris! Her warm and nurturing presence helps ground us and we are always so much better after being adjusted. She helps me focus on myself and prioritize my health.

Leah, Erin, Devon + Laney

Since seeing Dr. Kris, I no longer have neck pain and numbness in my arms and fingers. I can play with my son and do activities with him that I wasn’t able to do!

Melinda E.

Last winter, when the flu infected several co-workers AND my 2 roommates, I stayed well, even during a stressful, physically-demanding holiday season at work with long hours. I attribute that to Dr. Brew’s chiropractic treatments and her prescription of routine exercise and proper nutrition.

Sean C.

I am very blessed to have met Dr. Kris and Pam! Both of these amazing ladies have changed my life in the most positive ways imaginable. I have physically and mentally grown since I have been coming to Vitality and my body and mind are very grateful.

Vanessa L.

Coming in to see Dr. Kris was one of the best decisions I have ever made! After going to one of her new patient health talks, I really began to change my lifestyle choices for the better. I quit smoking, I am now eating a healthier diet and living a healthier lifestyle.

Will L.

We chose chiropractic because we know it works! Our family have all been under care for the last 7 years so there are no limitations to any of our activities!

The Connolly’s: Margie, Peter, Maisie, Lilly and Conan

Dr. Kris’ gentle nature keeps me coming back. She truly cares about my overall health and well-being. I can’t imagine my life without my bi-monthly visits.

Talin Y.

Dr. Kris is a positive force of nature and a true healer! She listens so intently and makes you feel like you are the most important patient when you are with her. She is supportive, encouraging and such a gift to know! Pam is the bees knees 🤗 Such a dynamic duo these two!

Cristina A.

My challenges made it hard for me to sit at work and drive. I had a sore back all the time. My fingers would fall asleep and I had difficulty with daily activities, such as getting dressed in the morning. Overall, I have more mobility, fewer digestive issues, andmore movement without pain. I am thankful to my friends who gave me a gentle push,Dr. Kris for being there for me and helping me feel better overall, and to Pam. 😊

Ginny Z.

Dr. Brew has helped everyone in our family stay healthy and avoid escalation of health issues. It’s an important part of our wellness routine. You don’t have to accept pain, discomfort or health limitations as a fact of life. Dr. Brew can help resolve anything from old injuries to new health issues.

Hillary, Carin, Piper + Ella

Dr. Kris has a wealth of knowledge about the body and nervous system – taking a holistic approach. She is everything you look for in a practitioner – a kind, positive, and caring human being providing a safe space for treatment and healing.

Michelle B.

Dr. Kris is the absolute BEST and provides the most effective and comprehensive and holistic care for body, mind and soul. I single handily credit her for turning my health around and getting my body back on track.

Natalie V.
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