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At Blissed Out Massage, we customize bodywork sessions for each individual that we touch. The purpose of every session is to work towards whatever goal you have for your body while allowing you to de-stress in a relaxing environment. Whether you want to increase your athletic performance, recover from trauma or injury, rid the body of pain, or to let go of stress and relax… we can help. We use a customized blend of different techniques, such as deep tissue, circulatory, sports massage, Thai medical massage, and neuromuscular therapy – all tailored to your needs each session.
Call Lauren Kelley at 619.928.2857 or email for an appointment.

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Remember to Breathe Health Center

Nicole Stone, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.  She treats a wide variety of patients and health issues in her center, while specializing in women’s health and pediatrics. She believes that educating families on the benefits of preventative care with Traditional Chinese Medicine makes a huge difference in everyone’s health and quality of life, especially for our younger generation.

Nicole also offers monthly wellness classes for families with new topics each month.  Her goal is to help give parents more tools for providing holistic therapies at home to keep their family well.  For more information, please call or visit us at or 858-291-8581

Pain-Free For Life Pilates

Eva Wennes, owner of Pain-Free for Life Pilates is a Therapeutic Pilates Instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Eva holds an advanced level certification in the Biomechanics Method and is a graduate of the Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science program. 

She works with people who suffer from chronic pain and/or chronic illness. 

Whether you’ve tried Pilates before or you’re completely new to the routine, be prepared for experiencing something completely unique! Eva has a one of a kind approach combining the benefits of contemporary Pilates, The Biomechanics Method and Applied Functional Science. 

Eva is a revolutionary in her field, bringing you the best in orthopedic Pilates training and corrective exercise in order to eliminate chronic pain and injuries. For more information about Eva and Pain-Free For Life Pilates please visit or call 619-400-9252.

Pain Free for Life Pilates

Mosaic Integrative Medicine

Dr. Elizabeth Winter, ND, LM, CPM offers integrative and functional medicine and midwifery services to the greater San Diego community. Her approach encompasses treating the root cause of diseases versus treating symptoms alone, stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and using natural treatments, when appropriate. Dr. Winter’s areas of expertise include women’s health, preconception and infertility, pediatrics, hormone balancing, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, chronic infections, and digestive complaints. She also cares for women during the prenatal and postpartum period and attends homebirths in the greater San Diego area. For more information visit

Mosaic Integrative Medicine

Heather Berberet, PSY.D, SEP, OIX

Dr. Heather Berberet is a Psychologist. In her private practice, she specializes in trauma, somatic psychology, and relationship therapy. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and an Organic Intelligence Expert. This means that she understands the body and mind to be part of a single system-the human being. When we become unbalanced, especially we become too worried, too sad, or too angry, it takes support of both our minds and the bodies to regain balance.  Dr. Berberet offers 30 minute, no-fee consultations for new patients. Please feel free to contact her at 619-379-8513 or through her website,

Heather Berberet, PSY.D, SEP, OIX

Intuitive Nutrients

Dr. Steve Bennett is CEO and founder of the specialty nutraceutical company Intuitive Nutrients He began this company in an effort to bring unique nutritional supplements to his patients at a reasonable price.  There are two things that truly matter in nutritional supplements; Effective Ingredients and Therapeutic Dosage. The formulations, dosages and ingredients of all Intuitive Nutrients products deliver clinically proven ingredients in amounts that are shown to yield results. No “proprietary blends” to hide actual amounts of ingredients. Just clear, honest labeling and effective products made with the utmost care & quality.

For more information about Intuitive Nutrients, Fellowship Labs or to schedule a functional medicine visit with Dr. Bennett, please contact him at 858-277-1038, or visit

Dr. Steve Bennett

Highest Health Homeopathy

Samantha Conboy, Certified Classical Homeopath, and owner of Highest Health Homeopathy has been helping clients since 2009. She is passionate about helping women with eating issues find peace and serenity with food and their bodies. She believes in a team approach and loves to offer natural remedies alongside therapy and nutritional advice from other professionals. Samantha has been in recovery from an eating disorder since 1990 and knows the ups and downs of recovery.  She is familiar with the family dynamics that accompany eating disorders and believes in supporting the health of the family as well. She is in the process of completing her Intuitive Eating Counselor Certification. 

She offers a free 15-minute meet and greet to see if homeopathy is a fit for you. For more information she can be reached at or 760-519-0703.

Highest Health Homeopathy