One-on-One Wellness Coaching


wellness_coachingDo you have a wellness goal that you have been trying to accomplish? Are you feeling deflated and lost as to how to accomplish health goals? Have you tried lots of different programs and have had none of them work? If this sounds like you, then schedule a call today with Dr. Kris.

Engage with us and get authentic in redefining your health!

Change the paradigm of your health today. Our one-on-one wellness coaching programs address 3 types of situations:

  1. Trauma/health crisis situation
  2. Health is maintaining, but recurrences/exacerbation of issues
  3. Optimizers; healthy, but want to take health to the next level

Address mind, body, spirit issues with weekly accountability calls, chiropractic care, and address core root issues with a customized plan including The 5 Factors of Health Seminar.

We challenge you to educate yourself on how you can take the first step on changing your health, your lifestyle and be more authentic. We believe in emotionally intelligent clients when it comes to health.

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