Despite having minor back problems and anxieties, I was suffering mostly from post-Covid-19 symptoms. These included distorted smells and tastes of practically EVERYTHING. My mind, body, and spirit were in complete despair for the 3 months after I recovered from Covid-19.  Because of these distorted smells and tastes, I was struggling to eat the bare minimum of what my body needed. I lost nearly 17 pounds in a matter of a month, was having a hard time managing stress, and was overcome with fatigue. I was simply withering away.   After speaking with numerous traditional western doctors, hours of research, and receiving little to no information (to no-one’s fault), I decided to exhaust all avenues and find a practitioner who approaches the body, and its problems, as an integrated whole instead of focusing on a single symptom. I had heard WONDERFUL things about Dr. Kris and her approach to healing the body, and knew I had to explore this practice.

Since beginning my 12-week healing journey with Dr. Kris, I am now not only enjoy indulging in food and drink, but can properly fuel my body and allow it to continuously support me throughout life.  I have found many other aspects of my life being positively affected after seeing Dr. Kris. I feel much more in tune, open, and overall comfortable in my body and mind. Her incorporation of NET with bodily adjustments immensely aided in healing, not only my physical body, but my mental health as well. We worked through traumas and she coached me through practices that allow new neural pathways to be formed in order to promote healing.

Nothing but incredible things have come out of my experience with Dr. Kris. She has a vast knowledge of the human body and approaches it with a perfect balance of eastern and western ideals. Immediately after walking into the office, I knew I was on the right path. With the most amazingly wonderful and passionate Pam at the front desk and the magical Dr. Kris in the “healing” rooms, as I like to call it, you know you’ll be that much closer to a healthier self.

Featured Client Ryan L.