We were MORE than excited to drop off all of the amazing backpacks we received this past Tuesday, in Chula Vista! All of them filled up an entire trunk, and part of the back seat!

We were honored to present the backpacks to the staff, and even the CEO of South Bay Community Services. We got the opportunity to take a photo with the impressive mound of backpacks that we could not have attained without your help:

The Vitality Team with the SBCS CEO!

The Vitality Team with the SBCS CEO!

The CEO said something that really resounded with us: She brought up the Payless Shoes commercial with the little boy who gets a new pair of shoes, and suddenly walks taller, with more confidence. These backpacks, she told us, have that same effect on boys and girls of all ages. They get to wear their new My Little Pony and Superman backpacks with pride, and feel like they belong with all of the other kids…no matter what their life at home may be like.

That’s a lot of power, from one little backpack. And YOU did that for over 100 kids in San Diego county.

We can’t say enough how grateful we are to everyone who participated with donations of backpacks and cash!

Also, shout out to our lucky raffle winners who got the $50 Snooze Eatery and $50 Chocolat gift cards!