Did you know pain is created in your brain? The pain is to let you know that something is not o.k. in your body. This is a good thing because it tells you to not do things that could potentially be harmful for your body. Sometimes pain will persist even after an initial injury has healed, which is called chronic pain. This chronic pain has become non-informative and now a problem where your brain has learned to be in pain and it has begun a nasty cycle. This is called neuroplasticity or brain adaptations and there are good ways to break pain cycles by thinking positive thoughts, movement, sleep, eating well and chiropractic adjustments. Something as simple as a short walk daily can begin to break the pain cycle in your brain. If you are unable to move your body, then simply imagining those movements will influence your brain and create new neuropathways to help break the pain cycle. Research also shows us that chiropractic adjustments can help the body break pain cycles because the adjustments have a neuroplastic effect on the brain. In particular, the adjustments help the prefrontal cortex, the area where the brain processes pain signals and where the pain cycle operates.