Living here in beautiful San Diego, we have opportunity to golf almost year-round and on some amazing courses. Did you know approximately ¾ of professional golfers see a chiropractor regularly to help them play at their peak potential? Chiropractors can help golfers prevent injuries, overcome injuries and improve their game.

In fact, there was a small study performed over a 4-week period comparing 2 groups of golfers, one group performed a basic stretching program and the other group performed the same basic stretching program and also received weekly chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractic group performed better throughout the study. At the last study session, it was determined the chiropractic group was able to hit the ball 8 meters further following their adjustment, whereas the stretching only group was only able to hit the ball ½ meters further. This study suggests golfers receiving regular chiropractic care and performing stretching routines potentially will be able to drive the ball further when compared to a protocol of muscle stretching alone.

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