Research shows us that chiropractic care positively affects health and body function. A study looking at a group of 90 healthy students evaluated their ability to turn their core muscle groups on for stabilization.  These core stabilizing muscles must be turned on before you perform activity so that you remain stable and do not injury yourself, this is called Forward Feed Activation.  This feed forward activation should happen quickly and without your conscience awareness and it’s preplanned by the central nervous system ensuring that no injury takes place. In the study, 17 of the students were unable to pre-activate their core muscles and were more prone to injury.  Six months later, these 17 were re-tested and 13 of them were still unable to activate their muscles.  A chiropractic assessment revealed all 13 students had subluxation present in their pelvis and after receiving a series of chiropractic adjustments, all 13 students had a 40% improvement in their ability to activate their core abdominal muscles. This study is significant and has big implications because none of the students had pain and the scientists think poor core control may be the cause of people developing pain or sustaining future injuries.  Chiropractic care is very important in injury prevention because it is helping to restore brain-body communication, increases brain accuracy and improves body control.

Check out this video on injury prevention and forward feed activation.