I was invited to be interviewed on the podcast “CoCreation Station” by my wonderful patient, Stephanie Orlina. “CoCreation Station” is a progressive podcast examining metaphysics and the healing arts. During the interview with Stephanie and her co-host Collin Worster, I shared my own chiropractic story and how chiropractic care changed the trajectory of my life. I also discussed the benefits of chiropractic wellness care and how we can create a healthy and long life.

-Dr. Kris

The Co-Creation Station with Collin and Stephanie is a podcast about the Law of Attraction, the Art of Allowing, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Self-Help, Personal Growth and Development, Mediums, the various Arts of Healing, and how to best enjoy the journey of your life. Your co-hosts are Collin Worster, a Life Coach, Tarot/Oracle Card Reader and Medium, and Stephanie Orlina, Owner of Power in Joy and Transformational Life Coach. Follow them on Instagram.