I came to Vitality during the Pandemic. I was working on losing weight and working out in the gym. I had read that Chiropractic care can help aid weight loss, muscle recovery, and help keep your body aligned when incorporating heavy weight lifting.

Initially I was nervous. I had never had an adjustment and to be honest was super self-conscious about my body. I worried if they would even be able to help someone of my size. I had a lot of pain in my lower back and I had a hard time doing a lot of simple tasks. After a couple adjustments, I had more mobility than I had had in years. My nervousness about the process melted away.

Dr. Kris (and Pam) are truly amazing people and made me feel welcome every time I walked through the door. During my journey, I have lost almost 200 pounds and a good chunk of that has been during my time with Dr. Kris. She is amazing at “listening to your body” and making adjustments that you did not even realize you needed. Each time I walk to my car after an appointment, I always feel light and loose. I have been thriving and becoming more and more capable in the gym and in my everyday life. She truly has a passion for her career and her patients. We have created a bond that I have never had with any medical professional. She truly cares and supports me and it means the world. I am forever grateful.