What were your main health challenges prior to receiving chiropractic care? How long have you experienced these health challenges?
I have had back, stomach and neck problems for over 15 years. After having my first children, a set of triplets, I gained weight, had stomach problems and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Due to the pressure of the pregnancy on my ligaments, joints, and bones, I struggled with pain in all areas of life. The impact of the changes on my body caused me to struggle to sit, raise my arms over my head and bend in all directions.

How did your health challenges hinder your daily activities?
It was a struggle to sit at my desk and use the computer. I experienced tingling in my fingers, as well as, had difficulty putting on my clothes. My shoulders would not cooperate and pain would occur immediately. I also experienced stomach issues and IBS all related to chronic stress.

Why did you choose chiropractic care for your health?
I met Dr. Kris during a Lunch and Learn Seminar. I thought I would try chiropractic care since I had exhausted everything else such as physical therapy, shots, and acupuncture; nothing had worked thus far. Her warm and compassionate demeanor was the first thing that drew me to chiropractic, too.

What activities are you now able to perform since receiving chiropractic care?
My energy has improved in my daily life. I am doing more positive thinking, smiling and feel calmer now. I have better energy and performance during my work as a birth doula.

What aspects of your health have improved since receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Brew?
EVERYTHING! I can do yoga, Pilates, swimming, sitting for long periods of time, road trips, and stretching and I have a greater awareness of my body’s needs.

How has your life changed since receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Brew?
My life has changed since meeting Dr. Kris due to her compassion and genuine love for all human bodies. She has created a safe place for me to give me permission to share my ups and downs with no shame. My body now glides with movement and ease.