I first met Dr. Kris back in 2009 when she first started her practice. When I met with Dr. Kris, we immediately connected and I told her about my fears of chiropractic care, as well as, my debilitating back issues. I had been having these issues for quite some time and nothing I tried was working to help my issues. She made me feel comfortable and reassured me that there are many holistic ways of healing through her work, and she would work with me to take an approach that I would feel comfortable and safe. She put together a plan for me and almost immediately after my first few visits, I felt relief.

Since then, I have had several injuries and surgeries that she has not only helped me heal from and manage my pain and after care, but she also always helps me get back on track and feeling great after each visit.

I see Dr. Kris monthly to keep my body intact, feel healthy and in line, and honestly the great conversations we have are truly invaluable as well. Not only does she help keep my body in tune she provides great advice and keeps me motivated and focused on my health.

Dr. Kris and Pam are a dynamic duo and I enjoy every visit and always leave with a smile.