About two years ago I experienced a rare and severe neurological side effect to a series of antibiotics that I took for a sinus infection. Overnight, my nervous system was in overdrive with continuous panic attacks, anxiety, and joint inflammation.

With some help, I was able to get my nervous system calmed down. BUT the nervous system is so intricate and a few months later another symptom appeared – frozen shoulder. Now, if you haven’t had frozen shoulder, the name makes it sound kind of mild, but it was anything but that. After an MRI and consultations with orthopedic doctors, I came to find out that there is no known cause for this severe pain that can last for anywhere from 1-5 years.

I was talking with a family friend who talked so highly of his chiropractor because she had healed his many years-long back pain. Consistent with all these stories you’ve seen before mine, finding Dr. Brew and Vitality Chiropractic changed my life. She looks beyond the symptoms and targets the root cause, getting your body in alignment so that your nervous system can calm down and your body heal. After the first shoulder adjustment I had about 85% improved mobility in my shoulder. I mean, it was so significant that I kept showing my family – like “oh my gosh, look!”

Even after my series treatment for my frozen shoulder, I’ve continued to go every other week to keep my body aligned and I feel GOOD! I feel like my body has the tools it needs to take on whatever gets thrown at it, but the funny thing is – it rarely happens now. I don’t really get sick, I hardly have any shoulder pain anymore, and my body has stayed in the best alignment it has ever been. She’s got so much knowledge and expertise that she’s been able to help me with things from craniosacral adjustments and acid reflux. I look forward to every appointment I have. Both Dr. Brew and Pam make my heart happy every time I see them. 

Featured Patient Laura W