Hello Vitality Chiropractic patients! My name is Nikki and I have been a patient with Vitality Chiropractic (V.C.) since 2017. I would first like to give a big THANK YOU to Dr. Kris & Pam for selecting me as patient of the month!! I feel very honored and appreciative to have been chosen.

Prior to chiropractic care with V.C., I had been receiving semi-regular care from other chiropractors since I was 18. However, none of them ever really felt like home and once again I was on the hunt for a new chiropractor.

I had been working out with the wonderful Eva Wennes (you should all give her a call! Truly a great Pilates instructor) and Eva mentioned she knew of a fantastic chiropractor that I should try. It was not until I had hurt my neck on vacation that I had finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Kris.

I was in so much pain and could hardly turn my head/neck causing the simplest things to be challenging; like lifting my head from a pillow (I am not kidding it was that bad)! After my initial visit, Dr. Kris and I created a game plan to get myself back to 100%. It consisted of weekly treatments and homework assignments (stretching for instance because motion is lotion for the body)!

As a result of the care at V.C. (and three years of consistent care), I can go on my crazy adventure vacations (cliff jumping for instance) without fear of my neck going out on me. As well as, more flexibility and movement in other parts of my body that I had not even known had not been working at full capacity. Another benefit I have experienced is higher energy levels. After an adjustment, I honestly feel like I could run a marathon (ok not a marathon but definitely a brisk jog – I don’t like running that much, ha-ha).

There is no doubt that I would recommend V.C. to friends and family because Dr. Kris is a miracle worker. I also know that the miracle happens even faster when self-love is given and that is exactly what chiropractic care with V.C. is… self-love.

Vitality Chiropractic has truly made it possible for me to live my best life. Dr. Kris has so many resources that can help with many situations you may be experiencing too, and I genuinely recommend Vitality Chiropractic to everyone.

Have a blessed day!
Nikki G.

Featured Patient Nikki G