From Paula

I came to Dr. Kris bemoaning an overall need for a “tune-up,” especially in regards to my lower back. It was painful to the point of inhibiting my ability to do the activities I enjoy. My back has been the weak spot in my body throughout my life. Through Dr. Kris’s attention and expert adjustments my muscles, joints, and all parts of my body have relaxed into and smoothed into better working relationship with each other.

My overall feeling of well-being has increased with the care and attention to all the diverse parts of my body, especially my back. Having regular adjustments has allowed me to stay physically active by increasing my health and physical vigor in many respects: flexibility, range of motion, and immune system. Being attended to consistently by Dr. Kris has also increased my self esteem and over all sense of delight in life.

Dr. Kris is an accomplished and knowledgeable professional of the highest quality. She has a holistic approach to treating the overall body, mind and spirit of her patients. She is also incredibly approachable and caring about each individual.

I’ve been to several chiropractors over the many decades of life and different places I’ve lived, and have benefited greatly from their care. Dr. Kris, however, is by far the one who I trust implicitly with my whole body. She is continually educating herself – and her patients. She is community minded as well, bringing her holistic approach to all of life. I find a session with Dr. Kris stimulating and healing in many ways.

From Ross

I have been a reluctant host of Parkinson’s Disease for over a decade.  The reality is that this disease is highly unlikely to vanish from my life of its own volition. From the beginning my approach has been to search for, research, evaluate and make full use of the modalities I find.

Every practitioner I have worked with has helped me.  Dr. Kris ranks at the very top of the list. From the first appointment I knew I had found a dedicated, intuitive, resourceful, loving, highly intelligent purveyor  of the healing arts.  She has an ability to understand and respond to my shifting symptoms with compassion and encouragement. And if there are issues beyond her field of expertise, she researches options and when needed, refers me to one of many colleagues.

Not only has the progression of my various symptoms slowed down but some have abated. It is a relief to know I am in such capable hands.

In my case scoliosis has been a recurring issue.  It compromised my mobility and caused me significant pain.  That, in turn, limited my walking and contributed to my general instability.  Dr. Kris’s adjustments have alleviated my concerns as well as many of my symptoms.

Her direct, creative, caring, competent manner will be a great value to anyone seeking chiropractic care.