Reya started going to Dr. Kris when she was about 10 weeks old. She had a tongue-tie procedure that wasn’t performed properly at about 2 weeks old, and then another at 8 weeks. She was recommended to get cranial sacral therapy for aiding healing and breastfeeding at that time. I emailed Dr. Kris’s office with lots of questions and when Dr. Kris had time, she called me back and answered every single one of them.

Dr. Kris helped to heal her tongue–tie issues and Reya went on to breastfeed for almost two years. Reya continues to see her monthly (now 5 ½ years old) to help with her food and environmental sensitivities, as well as, overall health and wellness. Reya has no growing pains, sleeps well and rarely gets sick. When Reya gets adjustments after vaccines, she tends to have less side effects and clears them from her system better. Dr. Kris has suggested other alternative medicine doctors that have become staples in our care for her as well.

Reya’s favorite part about seeing Dr. Kris is the head massages she gives and their mutual love for Wonder Woman.