The Dr. Kris Experience

I came to see Dr. Kris because of neck and back pain that developed from sitting for hours working at a computer. It started with pain in my lower back and neck which in turn affected my sleep. I saw that the lack of proper sleep and pain impacted my personal and professional activities like decision-making, reasoning, alertness, and reaction time. I found that I was less inclined to do fun things even after work hours.

It was clear from my first appointment that Dr. Kris is a highly skilled provider but equally important she really does care as demonstrated by her compassion and active listening. After my visits, I have a strong sense of well-being that was demonstrated in more flexibility, pain relief, quality of sleep, boosted immune system, improved circulation, and Dr. Kris’ healthy lifestyle suggestions. I carry Dr. Kris’ business cards in case I meet someone who is in need.

Pam, the office manager, rounds out this positive health experience by keeping everything on track and is always a conveyor of good cheer.

Vitality Chiropractic does change one’s capacity to heal while promoting full-body wellness.