This month we are highlighting two patients that have been with Vitality since its inception. Jessy and Lisa have been coming in for their regular wellness visits consistently for years. We truly admire their dedication to their health and well-being. It has been our honor and privilege to work with Jessy and Lisa of Belladia Marketing and Design over the years! Jessy and Lisa have assisted Vitality Chiropractic with all our marketing projects and website and we are eternally grateful for their knowledge and expertise.

-Dr. Kris and Pam

Dr. Kris is magic. She is our not-so-secret secret weapon to staying healthy, flexible, and sane. From the moment we met her, we adored her…how could you not? Dr. Kris has that special something that instantly makes you feel at ease—confident that you have made the right choice for yourself. The trust, respect, and admiration we have for her is endless. For 12 years, at least bi-weekly if not more, she has helped us heal acute injuries, soothe our nervous systems with NET, and stay healthy through bouts of colds, flu, and burnout. We’ve referred all of our friends and we preach to anyone who will listen about our consistent results. Dr. Kris is a healer at her core. It’s beautiful to see someone do what they are meant to do. You see it on her patients’ faces and you feel it in your bones—Dr. Kris is a master of caring and we are so lucky to have found her.

And, thank goodness for Pam. Through countless schedule upheavals and emergency appointments, Pam is somehow always smiling. She’s such a warm presence that we have a hard time leaving. You’ll often find us chit-chatting away—unable to leave Vitality’s cozy embrace—even while poor Pam tries to manage her day.

We love you both so much! 

Jessy and Lisa