It is with great pride that we are featuring our long-time patients, John and Cris Dahl as our patients of the month! We chose John and Cris because of their extraordinary dedication to their health and well-being. This amazing couple are adventurous, courageous and live life to the fullest. They are entrepreneurs and established their surf wax company, Sticky Bumps back in 1971. John is a sports enthusiast and has surfed, skied, and biked throughout his life. He credits chiropractic care in helping to keep him active, strong and healthy. John has been under regular chiropractic care for 63 years!! Cris too has led an active life and has been under regular chiropractic care over the past 39 years!! Cris’ chiropractic adjustments help keep her in balance, pain free, maintaining excellent body function, sustaining her ability to be athletic and remain in good health.