I have been seeing Dr. Kris for well over 10 years! She came highly recommended when I first experienced acute wrist pain and had difficulty lifting simple serving platters, picking up my small pups, playing tennis and working on my computer.

Dr. Kris is an amazing chiropractor and I feel truly blessed to be in her care. She is a conscientious listener and provides the utmost care and concern on every one of my visits. Dr. Kris adapts her adjustments to the concerns I share and incorporates her array of tools and techniques to restore my body. I walk out her office with a renewed sense of wellness.

When I had a knee injury, she ordered x-rays and for me and kept constant track of my progress as I recovered from meniscus surgery. She provided valuable insight, tips, resources, and encouragement as I healed. Dr. Kris embodies such a positive overall healthful attitude and constantly strives to educate her patients.

My husband now goes to Dr. Kris regularly, too. Alex initially saw her for shoulder and back pain (he’s a recreational golfer). Dr. Kris has always been able to resolve his pain and provides home exercises for him to maintain between visits. Alex describes Dr. Kris as more than a chiropractic doctor. He says, “She is a doctor of making people feel good in mind, body, and spirit who takes a holistic approach to healing.”

Dr. Kris’ assistant, Pam, is a great asset to the office and does a fabulous job fitting us both in with such busy schedules. We simply can’t say enough about Dr. Kris and her wonderful practice!