It’s time to put on those sneakers and get moving! Movement is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Exercise is one of the 5 factors of living a healthy and long-lasting life. We would love to see everyone in the Vitality family participate in this year’s challenge. So, start tracking your movement either using our log sheet or one of the great exercise apps on your phone. Remember, it only takes 3 weeks to create a new habit, so let’s take this opportunity to make a great change!

This month we are highlighting Eva Wennes, one of our extraordinary health partners! We have been collaborating with Eva for many years and have seen incredible health results as an outcome of her work.

Eva Wennes, owner of Pain-Free for Life Pilates is a Therapeutic Pilates Instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Eva holds an advanced level certification in the Biomechanics Method and is a graduate of the Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science program. She works with people who suffer from chronic pain and/or chronic illness. Whether you’ve tried Pilates before or you’re completely new to the routine, be prepared for experiencing something completely unique! Eva has a one of a kind approach combining the benefits of contemporary Pilates, The Biomechanics Method and Applied Functional Science.

Eva is a revolutionary in her field, bringing you the best in orthopedic Pilates training and corrective exercise in order to eliminate chronic pain and injuries. For more information about Eva and Pain-Free For Life Pilates, please visit or call 619-400-9252.