Here at Vitality, we truly believe in the power and science behind Chiropractic care.

We go into each day with full hearts, and are so fortunate to touch the lives of those who need care to live their best lives!

We are also passionate about encouraging families, especially those with children, to embrace Chiropractic care for all of it’s benefits!

Maintenance care is actually essential for kids to grow even more healthy and strong! In fact, many of our pregnant moms bring their newborns with them when they resume care-it’s all about healthy, happy families!

In these cherished kiddie patients, we see less ear infections, general sickness, sleeplessness. Also, these kids experience increased energy and overall “good” temperament! The central nervous system is even more important to care for as their bodies develop before our very eyes!

We found an awesome infographic, detailing some of the many reasons kids need chiropractic care:

kids chiro

Photo Credit: Mosman Family Chiropractic, via Google Images

Not only can Chiropractic care be useful from birth, but it can be used to help with other conditions, illnesses, and injuries throughout our lives!

We love kids, and want to see them thrive! From February 9th to 13th, we invite your little ones in for a FREE New Patient Exam, Scan, and Adjustment (valued at $49)!

We love seeing your little ones when you come in for your appointment(s), and we want to help them reap the benefits of Chiropractic care!

Give us a call today at (619) 299-9722 or email us at and we’d be happy to set up an appointment!

A deal like this doesn’t come along often, and we are SO excited to see you soon!