One of our amazing clients, Leah, recently shared this incredible story and testimonial regarding her 88 year old grandmother, Nonee, who has been under chiropractic care since the age of 12!  Leah, her daughter  and the family have had 6 generations under chiropractic care!

“Hi, Family, I’m trying something new. I’m sending an e-mail to all my family at the same time. Hope it works. Today Jan and I went into Weaverville about 45 minutes from Hayfork to see Dr. Steve, the Chiropractor. Jan is going for the first time. She has so many aches and pains. I sure hope he can help her. Stan is going too, has been for about a year and Dr. Steve has helped him. I’m sure glad I found him, as I’ve been going to a chiropractor since I was about 12. I fell down my front steps on my tail bone. I wasn’t able to sit in the classroom, my back ached so much. So I went to my Grandmother’s chiropractor. I’ve been going ever since. After the chiropractor, we went to the hardware store to get stuff for my drip system, ate lunch, then home for my nap.  Think of you all the time. Love you, Nonee”