Learn How a 30 Minute Walk Can Completely Transform Your Day

One of the most joyful times of my day is when I head out for my afternoon walk! I have been taking walks during my lunchtime break over the past 14 years. I see it as my time to reset, raise my heart rate, spend time in nature, experience time alone, listen to music or a book, breathe fresh air and clear my head. I would like to encourage you to try a new routine and begin daily walking. I hope it brings you joy as well. Here are 8 reasons why walking can make a big difference from a blog published by Roadrunner Sports.

1. Walking Can Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

2. Walking is Low-Impact (Easy on the Joints)

3. Walking Can Increase Your Cognitive Functioning

4. Walking Can Boost Your Energy

5. Walking May Improve Your Posture

6. Walking 30 Minutes a Day Is Good For Your Heart

7. Exercise Can Help You Get Quality Sleep

8. Walking Boosts the Immune System

BONUS! Two Things to Try on Your Next Walk

1. Walking Meditation

2. Try an Interval Walking Workout

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